SIG is a convenient platform for distributing content between GDS, airlines and agencies. It is all benefits: optimization of distribution costs and increase in attendance in the online environment for airlines, as well as fast multichannel search for the best fares and additional services for agencies
Your advantage in the online environment

Air travel distribution is rapidly moving to online environment, which requires market participants to be willing to use new technologies and distribution models. SIG provides for the urgent need of both airlines and agencies to quickly launch distribution and then scale it online. SIG is a powerful, flexible and technologically advanced tool for quick access to online, which is chosen by market leaders

Advantages for online agencies
  • Ready-made online sales module that requires no development costs
  • Unified SIG API protocol for accessing the content of GDS systems and airline hosts
  • Best price: dynamic search for the best fares for all connected GDS at once
  • Prompt change of sales channel (GDS) by airlines, destinations, departure dates, at the request of the client to the support service
  • Wide range of functions: work with lines, sell aviation additional services, make automatic refunds /exchanges, etc.
  • Fastest response time to search queries
  • Minimization of costs for search queries in reservation systems
  • Minimization of losses due to poor service performance
  • SIG is the choice of the largest online travel agencies in the Russian markets
  • 24/7 support
Advantage for airline companies
  • "Host-based" sales: direct interaction with the network of online travel agencies without involving GDS
  • Optimization of distribution costs: no commissions in direct interaction with OTA
  • Sale of additional services
One SIG – multiple integrations

SIG makes it fast and technologically easy to connect to global aviation content. Compare and book content featured in Saber, Amadeus, Travelport, Navitaire, Sirena-Travel and SITA, as well as directly at airline hosts.

They use SIG