PSS are modern aviation distribution management tools that have established themselves in the Russian and international markets. Flexible PSS platform allows considering the latest technology trends and is equally effective for traditional, low-cost, hybrid and charter airlines
PSS in numbers:
interlines with international airline companies
integrity level DPC
GDS content providers
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Dynamic business – flexible architecture

PSS is a full-cycle technological platform that includes all the components necessary for automating an airline's distribution. Due to flexibility of PSS, you can use the entire platform or its components separately, as well as integrate DCS and CRS from third-party providers; reduce migration times and optimize labor and financial costs. At the same time, all platform functions can be controlled through a single, easy-to-use cross-platform web application.

Управление расписанием
Управление ресурсами
Fares & Pricing
Тарифная система
Управление бронированием
Электронное документооформление
Ancillary Services
Управление дополнительными услугами
Revenue Integrity
Контроль целостности доходов
Управление лояльностью
Internet Booking Engine
Электронная коммерция
Departure Control System
Управление отправками
Integration projects: it’s easy!

Aviation distribution online is developing dynamically. The PSS architecture allows the airline to quickly arrange interaction with third-party sites, services and distribution systems to quickly launch distribution in online environment.

Think globally

PSS allows you to become part of the global aviation technology ecosystem, providing full integration with all global and local distribution and industry systems, including Amadeus, Saber, Travelport, Sirena-Travel and TravelSky.

Using PSS platform, 70+ interlines with international air carriers, block and code-sharing agreements have been implemented.

Start using PSS immediately

The intuitive graphical interface and convenient working environment of PSS will allow your airline employees to master the solution as quickly as possible without expensive training.

The platform offers a single cross-platform web application for all functions for both airlines and agents, as well as access to the full set of functions of TWT / TWD / TWP immediately upon launching a new solution. The solution provides for compatibility between the old and new client applications.

They use PSS